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We are a solution with Magnetic lime Conditioner for your devices which needed to repair everytime

technıcal detaıl usıng areas

Magnetic water conditioner

Magnetic anti-limescale is the general name given to cost-free maintenance-free anti-lime devices
that ensure that the lime structure does not break down and cannot adhere to the surface areas.

What are the Effects of Magnetic Lime Prevention Devices?
Magnetic water, that is, the water passing through the magnetic anti-limescale devices, does not cause any harm to human, plant and animal health. On the contrary, magnetic water is beneficial for both humans and plants and animals in some respects. Magnetic water has a positive effect on excretory systems in humans. Likewise, magnetic water positively affects the development of plants and animals.   In many scientific studies conducted in our country and abroad, it has been observed that plants given magnetic water and animals given magnetic water develop more than plants given normal water and animals given normal water. Magnetic water can increase the compressive strength of concrete by 10-20% by preventing carbonation reactions in concrete.